A Man for all Seasoned Foodstuffs

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Mehr News Agency, Iran, July 2, 2007

Source: Mehr News Agency, Iran, July 2, 2007

Old Sir Thomas Moore died for a principle, keeping a fat man in check, keeping allegiance to what in England was a lost cause and a dying religion.

The New Sir Michael Moore is himself a fat man, who seems to think in a recent letter that he, like some pure knight-errant, valiantly defends a dying auto industry and those tens of thousands of “honest, decent Americans” who are getting shafted by a government who will not just as valiantly come to their rescue.

Only this time, Sir Moore, you got your pantaloons and your blunderbuss all backwards.

You gripe how the “Senate” bailed out corrupt banks a month-and-a-half ago, but now refuses to grant the same courtesy to the proud apple-pie-American big three auto manufacturers.

But remember, sir, that that same October banking bailout bill that in your words gave “BILLIONS to Wall Street hucksters and criminal investment bankers — billions with no strings attached and, as we have since learned, no oversight whatsoever” was in fact YOUR bailout bill.

YOU, Sir Mooorefood, voted for it by proxy thru Obambi. Remember that vote? You were paying attention to that minor detail, right? About how your precious One gave big speeches in support of the bill, and on October 1st 2008 voted in favor of it? Hmmm.

Your precious Dimocrats cheered the banking bailout right along, slavishly doing the bidding of the great Paulsen and Bernake. The few dissenting voices, if you recall, Mr. Mooredonuts, were mostly Republicans. Most Dims–Pelosi, Frank, Obambi, Reid–LOVE a good bailout. They love spending taxpayer money on making government ever more expansive and expensive.

Oh, and they needed to pay off all their cronies in the banking sector. I’m not saying Repugs don’t have cronies in the banking sector. I know both Janus faces of our two-party system have their pockmarks, their carbuncles, their puss ridden hangers-on. And that’s where we differ, sir. You, sir, are slavishly aligned to your liberalogues, your legions of be-pimpled O-bot marxo-consumerist sheep, those blackberry socialists. You can’t even see when they make an obvious blunder-buss. And never has there been a more wildly aimed blunderbuss than the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.”

House Democrats voted 221 to 3 to PASS the financial bailout. Whereas Republicans were 145 to 47 against it.

And sir you must remember that in the Senate more Dims voted for the bill than Repugs, and more Repugs voted against the bill than Dims. Remember that?


So why, O Moooredumplings, do you say “We have a little more than a month to go of this madness”? implying things will change under Obambi? You and your blind allegiances. When will you think, apperceive with a memory that is honest? Do you really think that under Obambi the financial bailout that he himself supported against Senate Republicans will somehow be magically rescinded?

And now, like you vicariously promoted the bank bailout through your allegiances to the chosen One, you want the government to likewise gobble up GM? I know you have a hard time in the control of appetite department, Sir Moorebeefstroganoff, but really, sir. I mean. Come on.


What does Camille have on Dick?

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Paglia channeling the divine

Paglia channeling the divine

Camille Paglia gulps, or is it groans? Oh I grope for my rope twisted into a noose to hear her talk of “credentials” in her Ricki Lake patois “article,” “credentials”  for a big govt post when she didn’t hold her chosen One, the great Obama, to the same standard. Apparently Hillary, “aside from being a mediocre senator” has little to recommend her to Sec of State. Come again Camille? What were Obama’s “credentials” to be POTUS? Ah it seems the “milky white lens” you claim the Clintons see the world thru is actually obscuring your own view of yer chosen One, whom u cannot fathom could ever see things in such similarly self-interested terms.

“The slaughter of the Hertzbergs and other Jews at Chabad House should be a wake-up call to Western liberals” — Oh right. Nice one. Forget that almost 200 people died. But when five Jews die, then the wake-up call begins. Noted.

Oh Puglia, all this from someone so enlightened, so “with it”: intellectual, but not ivy-clad like the Yale male Cavett.  Oh no, we have come a long way, baby,  haven’t we? Now we’re so hip we can log into Facebook and other things, maybe Twitter. Cause it’s not like we’re trapped in the 60’s, right?  So many nu ways of doing things, aren’t there?  So surely we have reached some zentih of enlightement heretofore unknown, haven’t we, like we readz about on gettingintouchwithmyseveninnerchakras.com?

But lawrd how you rebuke Cavett for the same parlance problems that he griped about Palin for. You caught him being stiff and ivory tower from your cool ivory tower Obamamassiah kiddie corporate conglomorate lingua fracas, mtv-stylez. Oh the lingo. Pronounce it now trippingly on the tongue. You got it kid. You gots the keys! You know the postcolonialism they teach at cool ivory tower ivy leagues like your own Yale is leagues away from the Yale of Cavett. Isn’t it leagues? Sure it is. Eons. So let me offer the caveat emptor to your sage pseudo wisdom: You can offer what you think is nu syntax and cool hippity dippity with your lame “Roads and bridges! What Joy.” But seriously you flail in a tarn of self important deluded witch-huntery as much as those whom you so gracelessly deride. Another “Mere Sontagisme.” Hoary babble on.